Sometimes the Customer is Wrong

Posted in O'Fallon, MO at Home against Dan Baumann | April,20 2015

Sometimes the Customer is Wrong


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Unfortunately my customer has written a negative review reflecting our company on Yelp. Unlike any other reputable performance tracking website Yelp does not allow rebuttal from the other side unless you pay them monthly and they will also take down any good reviews if you do not pay them. Our company is very conscious of customer service and we always do what we can to ensure total satisfaction however as I'm sure a lot of you know the customer is not always right and in this case the customers written review of the situation is completely wrong. I don't know whether the complaint about our company is a bold face lie or if the customer is just that off-base with the actual situation that happened. I can understand and sympathize that the everyday person that's not in construction for a living doesn't know exactly how things work however in this situation a little bit of common sense would've gone a long way. Let me explain: Nick, one of our sales people was contacted by an outside contractor (John) looking to get an estimate on a job. Nick via email presented an estimate to the contractor and gave the contractor specific directions stating that his customers should call and schedule an appointment to view what we call remnants. Instead of following directions the customer randomly visited one of our three show room locations unannounced. They just happened to get into contact Nick. Nick had no idea the names of the John’s clients as they were not provided. When the customer said they were working with a man named John, Nick assumed they meant one of our other employees whose name just happens to be John as well. Indeed Nick helped this customer pick out material not knowing who they actually were what they were actually supposed to be looking at. A week went by and John the original contractor contacted Nick telling him they wanted to move forward that his customer had visited our remnant yard and selected a remnant. Nick went ahead and wrote up the contract to get the ball rolling as the job seemed to have a time crunch. This is a very small project. Fabrication did not begin on the peace until the day before the installation was supposed to occur. This is very typical. The day before the installation it was found to be that no such remnant had been tagged for this customer and that they had only visited a showroom and picked out off a sample. Up until this point everything has been a bad case of miscommunication however from this point forward the ball was in the customers court and any consequence was based off the decision the customer net made. Mr. Baumann was informed he had three options. Option A we would grant a total refund to the customer and they could find another fabricator that could serve as their needs. Option B Mr. Baumann could select any remnants from our yard at no extra cost and we would have his job installed within three business days. Nick even took the time visit our remnant yard and send multiple photos of material we DID have in stock that looked similar to the customers preferred material. Option C they could keep the originally selected material however an additional $600 charge would need to be applied because the material is not remnant and we would have to buy a whole slab of material. Aphrodite granite Took one step further to ensure satisfaction by offering to pay for half of the material the customer wanted to go with in essence covering $300 of Mr. Bowman's material. This option was accepted by the customer. The customer was also told at this point that material would need to be ordered and could take up to a "week or so" to arrive. The customer’s response was "go ahead please install ASAP". It takes a couple days for processes like this to go through to figure out exactly delivery time. This has nothing to do with Aphrodite Granite. We have specific suppliers that have to ship our material in from out-of-state for the material Mr. Baumann wanted. After a few days we were given the arrival date of April 15. Mr. Baumann was contacted by Nick and told him the material would be arriving on April 15. Aphrodite Granite did all we could behind the scenes to get the material here faster. At one point we even offered to drive 6 hours and pick up the material our selves to get it here faster but it was unavailable. Immediately after knowing the date of arrival Aphrodite granite assigned an installation date of April 21. When material arrives on a day that doesn't necessarily mean it comes in at 6 o'clock in the morning. This particular material did not arrive till 2 o'clock in the afternoon. This gives Aphrodite granite three business days to fabricate the job. Yes we only allowed for one business day originally however because this is a squeeze in job it takes a few extra days to push it through the line. His install date was solidly confirmed on April 15th. In conclusion the original issue regarding miscommunication was only the fault and can only be attributed to the customer not following directions as they were stated. The second portion of the issue installation timeframe can also only be attributed to Mr. Baumann's decision who had every opportunity to refund money or pick a different remnant but instead chose to stick with the original color. Now we are the bad guys and the horrible company because his project is taking longer than expected to be finished. This customer either lacks common sense, lack of understanding of the situation, or is a bold face liar on his Yelp review. The claim that our company did Nothing to help resolve the issue is completely false We are covering half of the material cost that the customer wants, multiple options were given to the customer when the issue first arose including a complete refund. The statement about our templator complaining that he cant be out partying with his friends on Saint Patrick's day would be laughable if it were not so offensively taken out of context. Small talk chit chat with a customer to break the ice is meant to be just that and for it to be thrown back in our templator face because the customer is upset with their install date is just pathetic and shows the character of the complainer.

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